Southern Oregon Wineries

southern oregon wineriesIt’s amazing the wonderful wines coming out of Oregon and some are leading the world in wine making and as a result new wineries are popping up all over southern Oregon.

Ashland Oregon is a great base to go wine tasting because of the re-noun Shakespeare festival and the fabulous DeLaunay House, just a block away! Gotta love those plays and to break up being inside,what a fabulous way to be outside seeing the area and having a chance to taste some great wine.

There are several wine tour outfits to take groups to all the local wineries or you can just get out and explore on your own. If you would like to try taking a local wine tasting tour, start by contacting Southern Oregon Wine Tours  or Bravo Outings

autum-grapesSome of my new southern Oregon wine favorites are Belle Fiore Winery and 2 Hawk Winery. Both have live music and are just a few minutes from town.  Also  just a few minutes away is Wiesingers and Paschal both worth a trip.


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