Pioneer Suite $135

Queen Bed
Full Bath
Private Garden Entry & Patio
Heirloom Antiques
Please note laundry room access at back porch and private patio with BBQ.
Floor Plans

My Great Grandmothers vanity and dresser from the Victorian era rests here in this lovely yet simple room. The set came to me as a 14 year old and while looking in the drawers I came across a WW2 “Ration Book” and inside were stamps in an envelope when postage was only 3 cents and post dated July 31, 1947 and a letter appointment dated 1962 with a 4 cent stamp with Lincoln on it.

The letter is typed and on the front it’s a addressed to Mrs. John Rose and the letter reads about her glass eye and how to care for it then asking if she would come in and have it examined, kind of a disturbing letter. Then I found a pair of round wire framed glasses with dark tinted lenses reminding me that my great grandma was blind. I was fortunate to meet her one time and remember her dark glasses and her feeling how tall I was. I since learned she was blind at 30 years old and raised 4 children! The other things I found were wooden spools of thread and different sized needles. I imagined her like my grandma doing needlework at an earlier time in her life or did she somehow master this as she did so many things, raising children and caring for the household.

How times have changed so quickly and profoundly in 100 years as I reflect and realize I am writing this on a BlackBerry phone. I scroll back and reminisce all the different technology changes in this house’s lifetime and realize it has its advantages. For instance, being built pre-electricity all the rooms even the closets have windows so natural daylight was very important- just as energy conservation and green building is going back to.

The vanity is a treasure to me, I love the detail and interesting shapes that were cut for the mirror and in such great condition the looking glass is. These pieces were made before the Arts and Crafts movement when this house was built as the Victorian era that was just before the Arts& Crafts era and for being over 100 years this original glass is nearly as clear as it was when made!

My great grandmothers name was Ann Rose. She lived to be 101 and was a twin and despite her going blind at 30 and managed to raise 4 children and do all the domestic chores woman did…I can’t help but wonder about her sewing! That’s all I can find out about her. Oh, I was so wishing to find a diary or some pictures and know some secrets ad insights to her and the family. But if we listen maybe the years and times past will somehow speak to us. For me it spoke to me and guided me to slow down and breathe. Keep good connections with family and nature to nurture the soul. I invite you to come and listen to this old house and the old furniture …feel the breeze on the porch and imagine.