Harmony Suite $250


Luxurious King Bed with Adjoining Room (Sleeps 2-6)
Back Patio with BBQ and Seating
Full Kitchen
Full Bath
Mountain Views
Private Entry
Laundry Room Off Bathroom
Floor Plans

“Harmony” harmonious is the space with its feeling of home. You walk in and feel the ahhhh and relax into the space. Hang your clothes in the amour and tuck away in the old oak dresser noticing the oak leaf handles.

I’m from a town back east called Royal Oak and when I moved my mother the antique collector she hobbied gave me that dresser. The chair next to upholstered in flocked blue velvet and hand carved was my Aunt Iliene’s, I have such fond memories of going to her farm house in Rochester Michigan from Royal Oak which back then was going to the country, the farm house had a hill going down to  a small creek and we would sled down that hill and sometimes sled successfully right over the creek to the other side. Oh such Norman Rockwell times .

This is my wish for anyone that stays in the Harmony suite. It warms the house infusing it with love .Each Christmas, each wedding, family reunion,graduation  and summer Shakespeare play . Oh if these walls could talk. Each of the items I notice have a story the little rocker with “Renee” painted at the top, my daughter now all grown but when I imagine other kids using that rocker it warms my heart to share. As it is so wonderful to be able to share the heirlooms with respectful travelers it has always been one family at a time since it was built in 1909.
You will enjoy the full .modern” kitchen that was put in  we think in the 70s and the stove a 40s Wedgewood . Unfortunately, they covered the dumb waiter to the dining room as cooks and chefs were not to be seen back then they would pass the tea or food through and it would magically appear in the formal dining room! Oh the beautiful built ins all made from fir (as the whole house) and over the years sadly painted over still boasts the warmth and character of the true Craftsman it is.

I love the french pocket doors to close off the parlor or living room as its easier to heat a smaller room and seeing the old gas line by the old rocker indicates at one time a small gas stove. The old rocker is a 1904 and came from the DeLaunay family  over from Windsor Ontario. The needlepoint framed roses on the plate ledge were from Grandma DeLaunay.

The stories go on and on and now you get to journal your experience. Please leave a note either in the bedside tables  the guest book in the foyer or on the website, fb,  Tripadvisor, etc. etc my how times have changed!   We do appreciate hearing from you and what you liked or had to forgive-as old houses have many quirks but it somehow adds more patina and love to the mix and one can never have enough love!