Britt Festival

about_bannerEvery year, Jacksonville, Oregon is home to the very popular Britt Festival and concerts. The venue is perfectly suited for a wide range of events and features an amphitheater that was formed naturally ad makes the ideal location for all types of performances. This beautiful natural setting sits among native madrone and towering pines and provides the perfect backdrop for the jazz, folk, country, classical, pop and other musical genres that are showcased during the Britt Festival. The stadium seating ensures that everyone can enjoy the performance as tens of thousands of visitors descend on this stunning location to enjoy the scenery and music.

In addition to the many wonderful performances that are highlighted at
the Britt festivals, visitors to the area can enjoy many of the other
exciting sites that Oregon is famous for. Ashland and Medford are both
conveniently located to the Britt festival and the Oregon Shakespeare
Festival, which is known around the world, is only 15 miles away. A
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